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Evaluation sites sought for novel Ultrasound imaging technology

Closing date:
15 December 2013

The NIC is currently seeking hospital trusts to partake in the evaluation of 3D Fusion Ultrasound. 3D Fusion Ultrasound has its origins in research conducted at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) University of Oxford. Researchers at IBME developed a novel method of processing data from ultrasound scanning to enhance the diagnostic capability of the technology. The new software provides an enhanced image with a wider field of view allowing clinicians to see more detail in the resulting image.This new software has a number of intended benefits including:

  • Enhance Ultrasound image quality to facilitate improved diagnostics
  • Speeds up diagnostics providing patient care
  • Reducing the costs of more expensive MRI and CT scans

The NIC is seeing sites to undertake clinical evaluations to validate the benefits of using the technology to improve diagnostics in the areas of Cardiology and Obstetrics. Funding will be made available to successful sites that are able to deliver the following:

  • Identify a clinical champions within the trust to oversee the evaluation work
  • Provide clinicians with protected research time to undertake evaluation work
  • Undertake an evaluation using data obtained from routine patient scans
  • Report back on findings and make recommendations for improvement

This provides an ideal opportunity for trusts and clinicians with a research interest in diagnostic imaging. For more information please contact Rob Chesters, NIC Innovation Development Manager on 02476 475 906 or email robert.chesters@institute.nhs.uk